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Types of Testing

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Air Techniques prides itself as one of the initial leaders in particulate emissions testing. Since 1979, whether conducting emissions studies for large power facilities or for well-known carpet manufacturers, providing accurate and timely particulate emission results has been our goal. Having been in the air sampling business during the initial development of most air testing methods, Air Techniques has a better understanding of the basic testing methodology principles. Whether it is condensable particulate, non-condensable particulate, PM10, or in-stack particle size analysis, Air Techniques can combine the knowledge of the methods and the understanding of your process to provide you with accurate particulate emissions data.



Air Techniques has the equipment and personnel to conduct NOX, SO2, CO, O2, and total VOC emissions testing using the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation.  Our experienced staff has tested a wide variety of sources, so they can easily adapt to a non-typical source that may have high moisture, high particulate, etc.  In addition to compliance testing, our experience with instrumental analyzers is very beneficial to our clients that are conducting engineering studies.  By delivering instantaneous and accurate measurements of these emissions, our clients are able to determine the exact process settings that will maximize production, while minimizing emissions.

Our fleet of Mobile Monitoring Laboratories allows us to arrive on-site and be ready to collect samples in a fraction of the time that it takes our competition.   Additionally, Air Techniques carries a complete inventory of both instrumental analyzers and calibration gases.  While our competition is waiting on the rental company to complete a testing project, we have the necessary equipment in stock and available immediately.



Air Techniques has a fully trained staff capable of correctly assessing the opacity of any process exhaust. Our staff contains a full complement of observers certified to make EPA Method 9 determinations. Air Techniques mandates that each observer have a thorough understanding of gas stream characteristics and process variables so that the most accurate opacity results can be delivered.



One of the more challenging emissions to identify and quantify are Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. With a staff having over 100 years of air sampling experience, Air Techniques can work with you and the regulatory agency to determine how to define and measure the particular VOC emissions from your process.

Air Techniques is experienced at monitoring total hydrocarbons (THC) emissions using flame ionization detectors (FIDs) for the wood products, automotive, and printing industries. Air Techniques is also experienced at sampling ethanol emissions for the bread baking industry. If a client has a target list of semi-volatile or volatile organic compounds, Air Techniques can provide that sampling as well.

Additionally, many specific VOC compounds can be measured using various sampling media and sampling techniques. Our relationships with some of the top analytical laboratories in the nation will insure that we utilize the appropriate sampling techniques and media and that you get the precise VOC results that you require.



Whether you require isokinetic or non-isokinetic sampling, gaseous or particulate measurements, Air Techniques will select the appropriate testing methodology to measure the specific emissions of interest. Whether you are looking for formaldehyde, dioxin/furans, heavy metals, or just methane, Air Techniques can provide the experienced man-power, equipment, and know-how to accurately measure your emissions. In addition to the typical EPA test methods, Air Techniques is also experienced at using the NCASI, OSHA, and SW-846 test methods that are commonly required for specific processes. Our relationships with some of the leading analytical laboratories will assist in the sample collection of even the most challenging compounds. Be assured that with our many years of air sampling experience, whatever your air testing needs may be, Air Techniques can provide it with the level of professionalism and reliability that you deserve.


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