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Our History

In 1979, Wayne Norman started ATI as a manufacturer’s representative out of a spare bedroom in his home located in Atlanta, Ga. His entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision brought large amounts of unexpected business during the first six months of his venture. Un-forecasted business development and success, forced ATI out of its spare bedroom environment to a leased office space where employees worked in high gear to meet heavy business demands. ATI’s first year brought voluminous orders in scrubber and baghouse systems for air pollution control systems, as well as six gas turbine silencer/stacks on a turnkey installed basis. Tremendous amounts of client requests, initiated the addition of stack testing services to ATI’s program.


The products represented by ATI then and now are very similar. In the beginning, ATI took pride in representing small quality producers that it believed in, however a number of clients were hesitant. Credibility grew quickly with the ATI name and the ATI reputation helped drive more business its way. In fact, customers were cautious to purchase fans, baghouses and related equipment unless it was part of an ATI system. Customers demanded their purchase of such products be exclusively backed with ATI’s guarantee and reputation, along with Mr. Norman’s signature on every offer. Fortunately, ATI exceeded its client’s expectations quickly and branded itself as the front-runner within the industry, moving into the systems business early in its rookie year. This was fortuitous as ATI continues annually to provide construction services built around the products marketed by its sales group.


Today, ATI continues to market pollution control energy recovery and combustion equipment either as stand alone or packaged turnkey systems. The stack testing group has expanded to provide all phases of testing including instrumental testing with the mobile monitoring labs.  These services have expanded to include CEM system service and the supply of stationary turnkey TP-CEM systems. Mr. Norman continues to be active in daily company operations and plays a key role in management and client relations. For over 35 years, he has added to and developed a trusted team of qualified and talented professionals who share in his corporate philosophy and vision, making ATI what it is today. The staff at ATI is eager to satisfy the most challenging customer requirements while delivering unsurpassed quality. ATI is dedicated to maintaining its personalized service that is and always has been synonymous with ATI since its beginning.

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