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Leading the industry with the highest quality products, systems, and tools to deliver optimal solutions while maintaining proven customer satisfaction.

Sampling and Monitoring Division

Air Techniques, Inc., (ATI) is a leading manufacturer, marketing, environmental testing, and engineering firm specializing in air pollution, noise control, and energy recovery systems and products.

ATI markets a cadre of equipment and services for air cleaning or conditioning, such as those used in industrial power generation including coal boilers, combustion turbine intake, exhaust steam production boilers, and general industry environmental control. Other applications include air cleaning equipment for process and combustion sources to produce kaolin and other minerals, pulp and paper manufacturing, wood and chemical industry products, aggregate and metal industries, as well as process dryers and kilns for cement production.

ATI’s equipment product lines complement each other, and together with our internal engineering and construction services, we can provide our clients with complete turnkey systems for their specific needs and applications. In addition to providing total system responsibility, we further serve our clients with maintenance and replacement equipment components.





ATI offers a complete line of environmental equipment and services to address any emission control project.




Timely, efficient, safe, responsive solutions are available from the ATI service field group on our customer’s schedule.




ATI, a leader in the air emission control industry with over 35 years experience, continues to build its database of experience and technologies in numerous industrial applications.

Line Card

ATI, a proud partner and representative of top technology providers to the Air Pollution Control Industry. We represent companies with product lines that compliment each other, while maintaining the goal of offering equipment with value and longevity to our customer’s project.









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